The articles below were written by Patrick Morrison for the Glad Tidings publication that is sent out weekly by the Sixth Avenue Church of Christ.


A Day of Good Tidings

Does Time Equal Money

Here Am I, Send Me

Lessons From a Coffin

Miserable Religion

What Is Right With The Church

Whatever It Takes To Get Them In The Door

Scriptural Silence: Permission or Prohibition

Do Miracles Still Occur Today?

A Few Knots That Need To Be Untied

As Long As Our Love Shall Last

Is It Wrong To Be Right

What Does It Mean To Preach Jesus

When I See The Blood

What Is The Church

What Is The Blasphemy Against The Holy Spirit

Treasures Gleaned from the Golden Rule

Learning Greater Patience

Church for Sale

Super Sunday

The Measure of True Love

Include GOD in Your Plans
What Do You Bring to Worship


A Cake Not Turned

Are the Days of Creation Literal 24 Hour Days

Christians and Memorial Day

Common Law Christians

Does Your Cross Have Wheels

Don’t Look Back

Faith in Action

Family Retreat

Fire in Our Bones

Hitler Alive and Well

I Love Vacation Bible School

In the World, but Not of the World

Is Baptism Essential for One To Be Saved?

Is the Lord Pleased With Religous Division

Is There Nothing in a Name

Lessons From a Lame Man

Living in the Moment

No Man Spake Openly of Him

Partaking of the Lord’s Supper

Should We Observe Christmas as a Religious Holiday

Some Advice for Graduated

Taking the Penknife to God’s Word

Thank God for Exceptions


The Great Omission

The High Cost of Freedom

The Instruction of Grace

The Value of Assembly

The Work of Benevolence in the Church

Three Significant Trees

What if the Church of Christ is a Denomination

What Shall We Have Therefore

What Will Your Powerball Ticket Buy You

Whatever Happened to Hospitality

Why Are We Losing Our Young People

Why Is The Church Not Growing Part 1

Why Is The Church Not Growing Part 2

Would They Know Where To Find You