Class Schedule (Fall 2019)

The Gus Nichols’ School of Biblical Studies begins a new semester on Thursday, September 12th and will go thru Thursday, December 12th. The class schedule is as follows:

  • 6:00 P.M. thru 6:30 P.M. = “The Book of Acts” – Ricky Berger

  • 6:30 P.M. thru 6:45 P.M. = Refreshment Break

  • 6:45 P.M. thru 7:15 P.M. = “Popular Denominational Doctrines” – Kaleb Hall

  • 7:15 P.M. thru 7:25 P.M. = Bill Blazer School of Singing – Neil Evans

  • 7:25 P.M. thru 7:30 P.M. = Announcements – Chuck Ellenburg

  • 7:30 P.M. thru 7:40 P.M. = Refreshment Break

  • 7:40 P.M. thru 8:30 P.M. = “The Christian Graces” – Vance Hutton

Who Is It For?

If you’re a preacher, Bible teacher, church leader, or simply a Christian seeking a deeper knowledge of God’s Word, the Gus Nichols School of Biblical Studies may be for you. Under the oversight of the elders of the Sixth Avenue Church of Christ in Jasper, Alabama, the Gus Nichols School of Biblical Studies offers training for Christian servants to sharpen their abilities, interests, and goals in the Lord’s kingdom.

Admission Eligibility

All of the classes are open to all students except classes that are taught by Christian ladies which are open only to females. Ladies are welcome and encouraged to participate in the classes.


There is no cost to attend. No academic prerequisites, such as college or high school records are needed.

Certificate Programs

Certificates will be awarded at a Recognition Chapel on the final evening of the last class of each semester according to the following levels:

  • Student Level – Six completed courses

  • Scholar Level – Twelve completed courses

  • Sage Level – Eighteen completed courses

  • Servant Level – Twenty-four completed courses

To complete a course no class member will be allowed more than three absences in a thirteen week period.